No, I’m not dead

A quick update. It’s been close to a month since I last posted. Nothing has happened and I have not given up on this site. Work life has gotten hectic and I’ve spent a good part of those twenty or so days of silence writing a term paper about Martin Heidegger’s critiques of Friedrich Nietzsche.

But that’s all done now. So I plan to start writing again. Here’s what to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • Best of 2009 lists for movies, TV, music, and video games
  • An article about how Nonpoint is one of the most criminally under appreciated bands of the last ten years
  • Something about Dragon Age: Origins, which I plan to begin playing on Saturday
  • More on Magic: The Gathering
  • The heavily belated final installment of Running Commentary: Fantastic Four Rising Storm
  • The Many Angled Ones of Realm of Kings
  • Reflections on Martin Heidegger from the class I just finished taking
  • And so much more! (maybe)

So yes, we will persevere. And I will be back in force sooner than you might think.

This post was written to the tune of Nonpoint’s Cut the Cord


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