Film Reviews: Spotlight on Netflix

In my aggressive attempts to see as many films as possible before the end of the calendar year, I’ve come across quite a few gems that have been recently added to Netflix. There’s a treasure trove of goodness available via Netflix streaming, but these three are especially worth your time. Continue reading


Film Review: Philomena


Stephen Frears, Judi Dench and Steve Coogan have come together to bring us the true story of an older woman attempting to find her son after he was taken from her as a child.  Coogan co-wrote the script (based on The Lost Child of Philomena Lee), produces and stars as Martin Sixsmith, a journalist and former political spin doctor unceremoniously fired from the Blair administration looking to regain a foothold in his life when he is approached by the daughter of Philomena Lee (Dench) hoping to use his journalistic skills to help uncover the whereabouts of her son. Sixsmith resists initially, but comes around soon enough and takes on the story. Continue reading

Film Review: Oldboy (2013)


Normally I do my best to not consider the source material when reviewing a film adaptation (or any adaptation, for that matter). Often it’s because I haven’t seen/read/experienced it (usually intentionally), but we should be all about determining whether the film can stand on its own merits. With a project like Spike Lee’s Oldboy, it’s tough for a few reasons. Park Chan-Wook’s Korean-language original casts a shadow over Lee’s interpretation, which tries to be its own movie while constantly visually referencing the original. Continue reading