The New Alpha Primitive

For a while now, I’ve been controlling (and by controlling, I really mean ignoring) a WordPress blog called Musings of the Alpha Primitive. I’m proud of the work I did on that site, and all of it is available below this post. However, it has generally fallen away as a focus for me, to the point that I basically never update it anymore. I enjoy writing, and it’s something I feel like I should do more often. So I’ve made the decision to jump in the deep end, actually pony up the money for my own site and force myself to do it up right.

In order to try and make a run at this, I’ve decided that the best route to success is to adhere to a structure that allows me to know what I should be writing about and when I should be writing about it. As such, I’ve concocted a schedule of themes I can use to move forward. Keep in mind, of course, that at the end of the day I’m going to be writing about what I want to and what interests me. So here’s a preview of what I’m going to be aiming for:

Magic Monday: I’m probably not going to stick with these titles because they’re silly, but it gives me a reason to put certain topics on certain days. Monday will be the domain of Magic: The Gathering. My assumption is that most discussion will revolve around whether I played in a tournament (most likely Friday Night Magic the previous Friday) and what I played/how I did in the tournament. The plan is to be as transparent as possible in an attempt to further my development as a player and deck builder. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a theory expert or anything, but I’ve been actively playing CCG’s for a good amount of time now, and I plan to continue to do so. Mondays will spotlight that.

New Media Tuesday: With Tuesday being the classic release date for DVD’s, new music, and to a lesser extent video games (as well as new songs for Rock Band, as an example), I’m going to spend Tuesdays talking about various bits of media I’ve devoured. Could be a new movie I saw in the theaters or something on DVD. Could be some talk about a video game or the previous night’s episode of Chuck. Could be a lot of things.

Comic Wednesday: With Wednesday being new comic day, I’ll be discussing the comic world. Most of these entries will be comic reviews, but I might branch out into other commentary. I need to get back on the comic reading train, and this will certainly help.

Who The Hell Knows Thursday: Wild card. Something I can’t cover on the other days that I want to talk about. Like sports. I like sports.

Philosophical Friday: I don’t expect to do this every week. Hell, maybe not every month. Spouting philosophy is a bit of a dangerous concept to take lightly. Still, it can also exist as a sort of built in break in the event I get crazy busy at work. Which is nice.

Keep in mind that this site will constantly evolve in the coming weeks as I continue to tweak the appearance, content, and so on. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Feel free to send feedback to

I’m also looking into the possibility of some guest writers. I expect them to be friends, but if you’re interested, you can shoot me an e-mail at

Happy reading!


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