Comic Geek Speak’s Super Show 2010

Double barrel posting tonight here at The Alpha Primitive.

When I first got into comics in a real way a few years back, one of my ultimate enablers was Comic Geek Speak, a podcast based out of Reading, PA. At the time, I was just north of Philadelphia, about an hour and fifteen minutes away from Reading. I thought it was cool that the first podcast I had found about comics was based so close to where I was living at the time. About six months after I started listening to the show, they had their Episode 300 celebration at Golden Eagle comics in Reading, and I drove out to hang out with the guys and their fans. Despite my relative lack of knowledge concerning the comic world at that time, I still had a blast, and proceeded to see the CGS guys at Wild Pig Comics sales in Jersey, Wizard World Philadelphia in 2008, and the first inaugural CGS Super Show in September of 2008. I actually postponed moving to Boston for ten days in order to go to the show.

Super Show 2009 became Super Show 2010 when the Geeks moved the show from September to March to help usher in the fifth anniversary of the show. I was there from Thursday to Sunday, and it marked pretty much the first time I had ever taken two consecutive days off from work, which was certainly a freeing feeling. I don’t want to go through everything blow by blow, but some highlights of the wonderful weekend will follow.

1. Sketches/Swag

Last Super Show, I spent a lot of money on sketches and came home with eight. I decided this year to calm things down a bit and go for two. Dave Wachter, who has basically become my favorite artist on the planet (go to RIGHT NOW! Do it!), did a wonderful Galactus sketch for me last time, so I decided when I got to the show that I wanted to try and up the ante and request Black Bolt. The sketch you see below seems like a pretty strong indication that I made the right choice.

Black Bolt

Just gorgeous stuff.

Harold Jennett, who I’ve met and hung out with quite a few times dating back to Episode 300, always does great and affordable work. I think it’s my goal from this point on to get at least one Galactus sketch from all of these folks, so here’s Harold’s take on the Big G.

Yes, the fork and knife were his idea. And yes, they were awesome.

Finally, in a bit of a surprise, I was walking by Walt and Louise Simonson’s table (more on them a little later), when I noticed that Walt was doing some free quick head sketches before lunch. I was the last person before he cut off the line, so I unsurprisingly asked if he could do a Galactus. He was a little concerned about his ability to pull it off from memory, but in just a few scant minutes, he dropped this onto the paper.

It was a hell of a thing watching the master pull that one out of thin air in such a short period of time.

I wasn’t as concerned about shopping this time around. I picked up some cheap books, as is my way (I grabbed something like 32 random issues of Thunderbolts from the Wild Pig 50 cent boxes just for kicks). I grabbed some prints from Wachter and the Cadence Comics tables (two Skottie Young prints, one of which was for a certain someone, the other of which was a full size print of his fantastic Deadpool cover of Amazing Spider-Man), Mike Norton’s 24 hour comic (which was deliciously absurd), and finally got to buy the second double issue of Titanium Rain. Good stuff all.

2. The people

Super Show 2008 involved Bill and I becoming friends with some of the New York geeks, specifically Ian (host of the Comic Timing podcast) and Raph (host of the Geeks Unite podcast), and ended up guesting on their Super Show recording. We ended up doing the same this year, as well as furthering our friendships with Chad (maker of some great home brew beers he brought with him), Rob, Doug, Leroy and some other folks (really just going to stop naming names here for my own sake. Everyone was awesome). I should also mention that Shawn Pryor, brainchild behind PKD Media, remains the coolest person on the planet, and a great  inspiration to get me writing again.

I talked with the artists a little more this year than last, which was a good thing.  I’ve never considered getting books signed to be a big deal,  but considering that there were some pretty big names there this year (in my eyes at least) that had done some Marvel work I’ve enjoyed immensely, I brought some issues to get signed as an ice breaker. Lee Weeks signed my Captain Marvel #1, and we had a conversation about how much I enjoyed the mini despite the controversy about bringing the character back. Chris Eliopoulos signed my copy of the new Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers mini, and remarked that it was the first time he had actually seen the copy in print. Louise Simonson signed my copy of Galactus The Devourer #1, which led to a conversation about how awesome Galactus is and how she had more plans for the character beyond the six issues she penned for the mini. Walt and Louise both signed some World of Warcraft stuff for myself and my roommate, which led to Walt talking about how Louise should have been credited but wasn’t. Good conversations, all, and I’ll probably start using signing books as an in for conversations more often as I go to more cons in the future.

3. The Community

The way we all come together to make friends, hang out and talk comics for these shows is pretty amazing. The CGS guys are always blown away by the things we do, but I’m just as blown away some times as well. It’s the way Charlito does his demented puppet show that has become a Super Show staple. It’s the way Jason rents a van and proceeds to drive people from the Philadelphia airport to Reading, which was just absolutely insane to watch happen. It’s the way we all support each other throughout everything, whether it’s donating money to the Hero Initiative in order to get Kat from Titanium Rain to wear a pink dress for a day. It’s the way everyone just geeks out and turns to jelly when a fully realized Chewbacca from the 501st Legion just walks around the con for picture opportunities and other ridiculous things (and I mean fully realized; the man was on stilts and everything). It’s the way we all chip in to make this community pulse with life at all times.

The timing of Super Show can be difficult with my work schedule. March can be a hectic month. But I’m going to do everything possible to go to every single one of these things for the rest of my life. It’s always an incredible time. And I think Bryan, Peter, Shane, Pants, Jamie, Adam, Matt, and Kevin for all the work they’ve done in bringing together this wonderful group of people at least once a year.

This post was written to the tune of Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes


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