Running Commentary: Fantastic Four Rising Storm Part 2

Fantastic Four #521

Writer: Mark Waid

Pencils: Mike Wieringo

Inker: Karl Kesel

Issue two of Rising Storm consists of Johnny Storm, herald of Galactus attempting to dissuade Galactus from committing genocide while the Fantastic Four (with Quasar) frantically search the cosmos for him. We learn more in this issue about why Johnny Storm was chosen as Galactus’ new herald. Apparently there is something involved in the Invisible Woman power set that allows the ability to not only be invisible, but to see that which is hidden as well. Galactus has been trying to find a galaxy that has a cloaking device that hides them from his radar, and Johnny Storm is the perfect person to find them. And he does. What follows is a series of panels where Johnny visits various planets in the stellar system that are both fit for eating an uninhabited. Of course, any planet fit for devouring would pretty much be a life sustaining planet and thus have to have some form of life, so Johnny keeps trying to convince these folks to take up arms against the World Devourer, but they’re too busy being either scared to death, irrationally angry, and just meek to actually do anything constructive when confronted by the herald of Galactus. A very nice touch.

As it should be, the scenes involving Galactus are almost entirely silent on the Big G’s end. This is the way things should be. One of the best parts about the three issue Nova arc involving Galactus that Abnett and Lanning wrote recently was the way Galactus never spoke to anyone. He is the supreme omnipotence of the universe. Why would he ever waste the time to speak to insignificant humans? It ruins the mystique. Galactus does eventually speak in this issue, but it’s limited to the last splash page, and it’s only because Johnny’s new abilities to see beyond the veil has allowed him to see the true origins of Galactus, or should I say Galan. Talking about this origin has made Galactus intrigued, and he invites Torch to continue his tale at the end of the story.

I must say that this issue was all about Johnny. The FF frantically searching for Johnny and Quasar’s involvement didn’t really do much for me this issue. And I must say that Johnny’s manner of speaking still grates on me. I think Waid is doing an excellent job with the story, and Ringo’s art is still fantastic. It’s very much a second issue in a story arc, but not in a way that is detrimental. Good stuff moving forward.


This post was written to the tune of Firewater’s Get Off the Cross…We Need the Wood for the Fire


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