A Week Remembering VS System, Part 3

Today’s installment (let’s see if I can actually get out five articles this week. Might have to cut it to four) is about pure, unadulterated agression. I give you the hidden rush deck.

DC Legends City Championships: Injustice Gang (Me) vs. Skrulls (Silver Age)

Ah, DC Legends. The second wave of VS System’s restructuring, and the first instance of DC cards with the new card layout. This was, of course, also the last DC set in VS System, and the announcement of the death of DC in VS was one of the early warning signs that things were slowly coming to an end. The Injustice Gang team in DC Legends had two separate themes. The first, a refeature of the original Injustice Gang theme from the Justice League set, force the opponent to draw lots of cards and then punished him for it, mostly by having the opponent take damage for drawing, stopping them from using plot twists, burning them for the total numbers of cards in hand, etc. The second theme was altogether new, and it was the theme I used to build my deck. This was an over the top, super strong hidden deck that featured characters with abilities that made them stronger off initiative. It’s one of those hidden rush decks that plays fast and loose with endurance. You can kill very fast under the right circumstances, but you can die very fast as well if the stars have not aligned in your favor. Let’s take a look at the basics of the deck.


4x Penguin, Gentleman of Crime

3x Catwoman, Cat O Nine Tails

4x Johnny Quick, Earth 3

2x Superwoman, Earth 3

4x Black Manta, Deepwater Denizen

2x Owlman, Earth 3

4x Jemm, Son of Saturn

1x Ultraman, Earth 3

4x White Martian, Earth 3

2x Prometheus, New Year’s Evil

Plot Twists:

4x Secret Files

3x Mobilize

4x Flying Kick

4x Blinding Rage

4x Savage Beatdown

4x Big Leagues

2x Crime Syndicate of Amerika


3x Hunte Castle

2x Hellfire Club

It should be noted that I only had two Crime Syndicates at the time I played this deck.

Hunte Castle/Hellfire Club: Two cards that have team-stamped effects that have nothing to do with Injustice Gang. Their non-stamped effects, of course, are what matter, and both give across the board attack pumps to hidden area characters. Shocking that I would want hidden area attack pumps, I know. Getting one or both of these out adds such a huge damage output over the course of a game, especially if you hit it early enough.

Many pumps! HANDLE IT! NOW!!!! You’ve got the standard seven search cards to ensure you get as much of your curve as possible, and the rest is just simple, raw attack pumps. Hell, more than half the characters are either oversized or offer attack bonuses in certain situations. It’s a simple situation. You kill your opponent before he can kill you. Because of all the attack pumps in this deck, it’s not difficult to see things like Black Manta attacking direct for close to 20 on turn three. This ends the game quickly.


This was the finals of the City Championships. Both of us knew the game would end FAST, considering that Injustice Gang hidden and Skrulls are two of the fastest killers in the format. Plus, they both predicate themselves on the hidden area (The Skrulls deck uses Franklin Richards, Creator of Counter Earth to move all the cosmic Skrulls hidden and Captain America, Skrull Imposter to make them unstunnable). I thought I had the advantage, considering that the Skrulls work better when attacking characters, and Injustice Gang works better attacking directly. As long as I got my character curve and hit some pumps along the way, I was confident I could take him down.

I recall the match lasting maybe ten minutes at most. I killed on either four or five, I’m not sure exactly which turn it was, but it was significant because both of us were well into the negatives on the kill turn. Flying Kicks and Savage Beatdowns were flying fast and furious on both sides of the board. Black Manta was a star, attacking direct for probably 30+ damage in total just by himself. Johnny Quick made sure to one-way any Skrull that was left visible would be taken down without the stun back. I guess the match itself wasn’t all that amazing or spectacular, but it was just impressive seeing the immense damage that could be caused in such a short period of time. We’re talking about final endurance totals of -40 to -20 in five turns. 90 endurance loss in five turns for a non-combo deck is pretty good, especially considering that I did over 50 in one turn alone.


This post was written to the tune of Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins [Original Cast Recording]


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