The Last Hurrah of My VS System Career

The move is less than ten days away, and this past Sunday was my last day spent at my local card gaming hang out. Because of this, our TO made sure that we could squeeze in the Marvel Universe City Championships before I left. I’ve been selling cards on eBay like it’s going out of style, and that included all of my Mobilizes, so that certainly restricted the number of decks I had an opportunity to build. So I decided to go with an old standby that doesn’t rely heavily on search, but still packed quite a lot of it: Marvel Knights/Birds of Prey. Here’s the list:



4x Lady Blackhawk, Zinda Blake

3x Black Cat, Thrillseeker

4x Daredevil, Fearless Survivor

2x Huntress, Vicious Vigilante

4x Barbara Gordon <> Oracle, Hacker Elite

1x Blade, Independent Contractor

4x Wolverine, Covert Predator

1x Vixen, Mari Jiwe McCabe

2x Cassandra Cain, Death’s Daughter

1x Punisher, Captain America

1x Captain America, Loyal Patriot

1x Dinah Laurel Lance <> Black Canary, Cry in the Dark

1x Hulk, Savage Hulk

Plot Twists:

4x The Hook Up, Team-Up

4x Flying Kick

4x Savage Beatdown

4x Quick Kill

4x Pathetic Attempt

3x Wild Ride

3x Bat Signal

3x Finishing Move

3x Blinding Rage

So it’s MKKO with Barbara’s draw engine. I must say that in general, the act of cycling all those extra characters into pumps and KO effects is really satisfying. We had five people show up in total. So let’s get to the results.

Round 1: Los (JSA/Marvel Defenders)

Atom Smasher with 8 counters on him and a T Spheres is REALLY ANNOYING (I finally Quick Killed the little fucker on turn five after I had to team attack my four and five into him). Despite the fact that I missed on one and two, we were pretty even throughout the game until we hit turn six. Los played Darkseid, The Omega and tried to swap one of my Quick Kills for his Rock of Eternity. I was ready for him with a Pathetic Attempt, but I wasn’t ready with a second Pathetic Attempt when he substituted Darkseid for himself. So I was completely locked down and had to scoop up. This was the first time Los ever beat me in a tournament. I think my overall record against him is around 20-1 or so.


Round Two: Bye

Very Exciting!


Round Three: Keith (Heralds of Galactus Silver Surfer Abuse)

I know this deck in and out. And I should. I built it. He actually managed to get Surfer hidden with his board before I was able to see a Quick Kill and take over the game. He made a play error on four, stacking Galactus, Devourer of Worlds on top of his deck during the build phase to set up for some Shape Change shenanigans, only to be forced to draw him into his hand thanks to Frankie Raye’s trigger at the start of combat. I then proceeded to pulverize his board with Daredevil taking down Morg with the aid of a flying kick, Lady Blackhawk taking out Frankie Raye with a Blinding Rage, and Wolverine waltzing over to the hidden area in order to feast on the defenseless Silver Surfer. It was pretty much all over at that point, but the 38/38 Savage Hulk that showed up on my initiative turn six probably didn’t help matters for him.


Round Four: Bryan (Clash of Dooms)

This was a tense game. I managed to KO both his three and four drop Dooms before Omnipotence called Finishing Move and my KOing days were over. The moment that clinched the game happened on turn five, when a team attack by Daredevil and Wolverine into five drop Doom led to him dumping his hand of power ups and a Supersize, but he did the math wrong and still came up short. This left him without a six drop to play and no search to go get one, and he scooped the second I dropped Black Canary, as the board of five drop Doom versus Black Canary, Cassandra Cain, Wolverine and Barbara Gordon was not going to end in his favor. Close game.


I managed to sneak into the top two due to tiebreakers (my win over Bryan at 3-0 allowed me to leapfrog Los into the finals), and it was time for a rematch.

Top Two: Bryan (Clash of Dooms)

This was a somewhat similar matchup to last time. I KO’d his three drop Doom after he KO’d Lancer to replace a resource, so he had no board going into four. I didn’t have the Quick Kill to take down four drop Doom, so he managed to live a turn. Turn five I wiped his board (after he faced me for 23 with some Doomstadt powered Dooms swinging direct) and ended up short one power-up from ending the game on five. We went into turn six with the endurance totals at 2 (me) to 1 (him). On my initiative, I went with Savage Hulk (who pumped up to an amazing 14/14!) and he dropped Dreadnought Tank, bouncing my Daredevil back to my hand at the start of combat. Doom was standing in front of his tank, so I decided to team attack everyone but Hulk into him to ensure the stun. Both five drops went down, and the score was -4 to -3. However, the 14/14 Savage Hulk swinging on the 12/11 Dreadnought Tank with a Savage Beatdown was enough to shift the negatives in my favor, and Bryan scooped when he saw the Beatdown.

4-1. City Champion!

So in my last VS System tournament for at least the near future, I came out a winner and walked away with quite a lot of swag (I think I got a bit extra due to it being my last day). I stuck around a little bit afterwards to watch the WoW guys play their tournament, and ended up taking off halfway through. I spent nearly every Sunday with these guys for close to two years. It’s bittersweet to know that I probably won’t see the crew for a very long time, if I ever do. Even if I come home for a weekend to visit the ‘rents, I’ll be travelling back to Boston on Sundays, which is the day they play. Even still, I had a blast playing there, won far more games than I lost and got so many cards. Hell, I even got a Mobilize out of my Legion of Superheroes prize packs that day (I ended up selling it to Bryan at a discount). It was a good day.

I should hopefully get back to blogging this sucker more often, as I’m pretty much done packing and don’t have a lot to do over the next two days before I leave for CGS Super Show on Friday.

This post was written to the tune of The Dresden Dolls’ No, Virginia


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